Donation to the HaTora Factory 'Ta-shma' of Rabbi Naftali Wasserman

A unique opportunity to be part of one of the biggest initiatives in the world of spreading Gemara classes

“Ta Shema” is an enterprise of thousands of short and clear audio files that are intended to help the Gemara learners, at any time and place, as a way to go over the learned page, while on the road or flight, away from home or as a way to catch up any missed page.

The classes are currently distributed today to 14,600 participants, 5 languages, 17 countries around the world (including Iran, Venezuela, Tunisia, Colombia, and other countries)

The English class is given by Rabbi Binyamin Bamberger – Rosh Collel in Beni Berak

The enterprise was initiated by Rabbi Naftali Wasserman in Hebrew and within 6 and a half years turn in to one of the largest worldwide Torah spreading enterprises.

Until today we have sent only one page in WhatsApp. However the many requests we receive for pages from other Masehtot require us to establish an internet site to be able to answer all requests. Our plan is to promote the site in order to provide a solution for the growing demand for our recorded classes.

In order to turn this in to an empire we need your help. This is your chance to be part of an unprecedented enterprise of spreading Tora worldwide.

Establishing together a web site that will provide everyone accessibility to all Gemara pages.

“Ta Shema” additional languages
Due to the demand from Jews all over the world the “ta Shema” enterprise started a new initiative to send the classes in additional languages

The classes are in 5 languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Yiddish

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